Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sao Paulo, Brazil

"Scheintstyuie" (*) like we say in Kardistanty Inferior.

They screw up my vacation !

I was just happy to finally reach my destination, and it´s like someone turn off the music during the party. Everything stopped at 17:14. No more cheering, no more wishing, no more clapping. The perfect silence. It was nonetheless a perfect beggining, with the yellow fever at each and every corner, not the one you can have a shoot against, but the one that wont leave you for 4 years, or your life depending if you are born in this place or not.

I was watching the soccer 1/4 finale between France and Brasil in Sampa (Sao Paolo), wishing that Brasil explose the French team by 1-0, and then start partying for at least 10 days untill the final. And what happen is much more dramatic than the end of the world. The entire city of Sampa, 17 millions people at least, started to cry altogther at the same time that the referee whistle the beggining of the apocalypse for the Brasilian coach.

My new friend (AMOXICILINA), and I were immediatly back in my hotel room, and we spend the entire night fighting back each other, trying to figure it out what would be the next steps of my travel.

The next morning, the rain started early, and since then try to wash the last dream that any young kids could still have. Wish could have been different, but soccer is magic and unpredictable. Better hope that the French team make it all the way, otherwise I will never forget them for ruining my vacations.

Sodade is raining on Brazil. Obrigado Brazil !

Time for shopping, I saw some good place where you could have wonderfull Brazilian soccer jersey for half price. Anyone interested ?

(*) You better not want to know what it means