Monday, July 31, 2006

Trujillo, Peru

Trujillo (TRU-RI-YO) is a lovely Peruvian town close to the coast, and in the middle of some really interesting ruins. The city itself is a bunch a road surrounded by an oval highway in where cab drivers try to make they wheels crying all the time. The main Plaza de Armas is a typical spanish architecture. Big houses, big doors to let a man on a horse to go in, and of course big spanish wood balconies.

What I like the most in these Spanish colonial town from the mid-16 century is the architecture itself. The square central place in where one can walk at night or sit for hours doing nothing like I usually do, is the central point of the city. You can meet anybody anytime in this place. The other thing I like is all the colours you have on these houses. Blue, pink, yellow, red, green. Name it you have it.

Except for its central place, and the pijana (Vanilla Ice cream, Chantilly, Crème Brulé, fresh slice of Pineapple, and a fat Cheese Cake, all at once) at the Armilias restaurant, this town is not that amazing.

Well, wait a minute.
Maybe just for the pijama this city is worse a pick.