Thursday, December 16, 2010

4-0 in Paradise

Crossing a line is always exhilarating and it is usually the result of hard work, detail planning and skilful execution. When I cross the 40 years old cross line I experience nothing of this. I was more filled with happiness or contentment than complacence or comfort. I realized that I made a mark on a calendar for other people to look at rather than a mark in life to look after. In fact I consider that my real life was finally beginning, and my training life was lastly ending.

Maya Bay at Phi Phi Leh

With my wife and my family at my side, my 40 year old birthday took place in paradisiac Thailand. Never in my life I would have imagined that [a] one day I would be in Thailand [b] all the persons I love would be around me for a birthday, and [c] cross the 40 years mark. It runs in my family that men have a tendency to rush to the finish line earlier than most of the rest of the population, and therefore I would also be part of the family ritual. Nothing was certain, but it always lay low in my mind that this is something that could happen not expected though.

Chaise Longue on Khai Nai Island

My early years of my life were therefore dedicated to collect as much as possible for the maybe later stage … if it ever happen. And then the time made its mark, I realized that I could go on longer and maybe faster than most family habits. After careful investigations, deep explorations, and evitable detours I encounter what I consider to be my solid foundation in my new next stage in my life: my wife.

Khai Nai Island

In picture perfect Thailand, next to the beach chaise longue and under the equatorial sun, my decision was made clear then. In my next 40 years I will build on what I was doing so far, enjoying traveling around the world, and build on a new family of my own so that one day someone could also take the person he or she loves in a unique place to celebrate a 40 years birthday.

Elephant at a Farm

In reality 40 is not a big number, not even scary when it passes next to you. It doesn’t have a weird face, large shoulder and strange accent. 40 is in fact a plain normal number. It is what you have decided to do with it that could be big.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Phukhet Addresses

  • Boomerang Village
    9/11-13 Patak Rd | soi 10, Kata, Phuket 83100, Thailand [TripAdvisor] [Link]
    On top of the hill of Kata, 15 minutes away from the beach, resides a hidden place full of bugallows and large smiles. Rooms are simple yet clean and spacious. Views are certainly the best of the place and should be given to anyone in town. A safe place in paradise.

  • Kampong Kata Hill
    4 Karon Road, Kata, Phuket, Thailand [TripAdvisor] [Link]
    service is as good as the place and the food combine together. This must try place in Kata is a sea food place where the best meet the greatest. Among all the best things on the menu, curies and fish are the most rewarding entertainment plate out.