Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio de Janeiro.
Rio de Janeiro.
Rio de Janeiro (singing)

I took a bus from Sampa to Carioca, and 6 hours later I was in the most famous and glamourus city on the planet. Come on´, this is winter, and people walking on the Copacabana or Ipanema beach, some surf, some tan, but everyone in smiling !!!

YES. I am going to take care of my ever long lasting cold in the sun city of Rio.

Fisrt of all I am really happy to walk in T-shirt, and my new Brazilian Flip-Flop.
My skin is starting to ich from my afternoon tan at the Ipanema beach, and I will probably layer up a new one tomorrow in Copacabana just to compare the 2 of them.

It great to be again in a beach city, where people are more relax, cooler and warmer at the same time. Shopping in flip-flop with some sand between your toes is my kind of summer experience. I watched people-watching, and probably been watch people-watching at the same time. The sand is as white as you can imagine (not too small, but clean enough to lie down on it), the waves are as good as you can imagine (not too big, too noisy, but big enough to have some surfing going on). This is the perfect city to start the sunny vacation.

Keep you posted on my tan.

People-Watching of the day
I spent quite sometime watching 4 guys (2 teams of 2) playing beach-volley ball but with they feet. This is quite impressive.