Tuesday, July 11, 2006

River of January (*), Brazil

Due to many differents circonstancies I see myself stuck in Rio de Janeiro for quite some time.
Worse place to be stuck in, some say ! I admit that, and take the challenge of entertain myslef in the marvelous city during a long period of time.

Few days back I decide to meet in person the Redeemer Christ (Corcovado) who watch out for a almost a century now over the bay of Rio de Janeiro. I was there at sunset, and I decided to go there after my adventure to the city center. I then took a cab and went through the beautiful , relax and colonial area of Santa Tereza. This is one of the dozens hills that constitute Rio and its suburbs. Rio seems to be name in reality after safe areas surrended by favellas. When you look around you have thousands of people living in favellas over all hills around the place you are. At least they have a good view !

So the crist was there in front of me, and the view from his feet was spectacular for a lack of a better word of course. You could see the entire Rio, with its famous beaches on the left, its MaracaƱa stadium on the right, favellas arounds and 2 airports in front. I stood there till the night took over Rio, and its lights start mixing with the early stars of the night.

What a view !

I contemplated the scenery and went back home thinking about how great this city is, and lucky I was to stay there for some time, taking some holidays in my holidays. Rio and its hunchback are worth a trip, now when you add beautifull beaches, and year round nice weather, what else do you need to add ?

Thanks for asking, my tan is going darker everyday (I will rate myself 2 towels out of 10), and I will make sure I will have some more before the end of my stay in Rio.

To answer a specific answer that I had been asked, the best women I saw in Rio are on the Ipanema Beach at the Gate 9.

(*) Rio de Janeiro translated in English