Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cuenca, Ecuador

I moved south in a 10 hours night bus (no sleep, very cold, obviously noisy) to a lovely Ecuatorian colonial city called Cuenca.

It´s a place, of course, in the middle of the mountain, surrended by pick riching millions kilometers high. I ran around, at 7AM, to found a hostel, and the only one that accepted me was the one on the main plaza del mercado. I was in no shape mentally or physically to discuss anything, and the only question that I asked was, A donde esta mi cama por favor?

The reception was on the 6th floor, and my bed was on the 3rd. I did two back-and-forth just for fun, and crashed in bed at 8AM, to woke up 4 hours later by 3 Israelis, staring at me, asking almost all at once, where I was from. My straight answer left them unhappy, and happily left me alone. There were certainly looking for the 4th one to fill up a Israeli card game. This is probably the first time in my life, that my nationality does not put a smile on peole face and save me from a damaging explanation on what to play when the queen of ace is before a ten of heart.

Anyway, I explored the lovely Ecuatorian colonial city called Cuenca on my time left before the day turn into night. I dont really know how many churches exist in this lovely Ecuatorian colonial city called Cuenca, but I counted more than 12 for sure. At leats, each and every beggers has his/her own porch to spend some time under.

I went at dawn in the lovely Ecuatorian colonial city called Cuenca, to the one of the 3 Travel Agencies of the pace, and had been lectured through all the differents possibilities in the area. The most interesting seems to me the Devil´s Nose train, in which you freeze your butt off on a train roof while tring to not fall over in the one of the canyon you cross along the 2 hours trip you making with all the tourists. I skipped it, but would have done it, if the weather in this lovely Ecuatorian colonial city called Cuenca was not turn to pooring rain. I dont really want to wear my winter jacket anymore. So after a night of talk, with an Italian dude, who is going back to school to do an MBA in Stanford, California, about soccer and the famous world cup, I fall happily asleep in the newly emptied Israelis dorm.

The cold and the rain waive me away from the lovely Ecuatorian colonial city called Cuenca.

Too bad !
It seems to be a good place to hang around.