Wednesday, June 28, 2006

La Paz, Bolivia

This is a crazy city !!!!!

Imagine you take a bowl, cut it in 2, draw a highway between the 2 pieces where the river used to be. There you go, you have a 2 millions people city in Bolivia called La Paz. Forgot to mention that the bottom of the bowl is at 3600 and the top probably at 4K +.

The tourist bus arrived from the top, and the view was just stupendous. Every tourist in the bus (2 + me) did their "waoaaaaoww", and so do I. That way a great opening to La Paz.

The only thing that is flat in La Paz, is probably the bank account of the Bolivian.
ALL the rest is not straight, roads, buses, houses, beds, peoples, food, hotel, discussion, life, add-what-ever-you-want.....

I climbed (walked) around the city and find some amazing spots that kept on taking my alreday breath away. I spend quite sometime in the witches market, and the local mercado (half downtown). You can find EVERYTING you want on the street of La Paz, Bolivia. You have the classic bed and breakfast places at each corner, followed by orange juicers, and batteries testers, but you can find way much more in the street, here is the crema de caracoles to help you smothe your skin (big fat sea-snail alive in a plastic box) , here the street restaurant that give you your soup portion in a plastic bag, here is the cellphone renter, there is the hooded kid shoeshiner, and finally here is the dry baby Llamas foetus used for the Inka Coca Kintu ritual (to thank Pacha Mama).

This city just never sleeps. But I do sometime.
This city just never stops breathing. But I do sometime.
This city just never stops moving. But I do sometime.

Oh, guess what !
This is election time. I was stuck this afternoon in the middle a massive protestation in favort of the SI. I did not catch too much the question, but the valourous icone of the past were in front line. El Che was reborn, Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez were just after and some new guys that I dont know the name were also on the go. The D-Dia is the first of July, but it start to be a bit complicated already to do something around, and the first few days of July will be of course, chaotic. We are in South Amercia afterall, country of the Grinta, Y todo es possible.

Travel detour.
I am really sad because France pass the 1/8. And now I have to go sooner to Brazil to see THE game there. I fly to Sao Paolo tomorrow, and try to move along the coast to catch my breath or hold it depending on the place and the time.

I am really glad to take off hopefully tomorrow with everything going on in the city. Right now there is a massive firework near where I am staying and this is a sort of a civil war, people running around screaming and yelling, seems to be Ok anyway. I saw some Euro and US observatores human right sort of, watching if the election is valid or not. Read the news after the 1st of July and you will know who won.

You never know what could happen, but I got my ticket this afternoon, and I do a 3 stop over kind of trip:
1) La Paz (Bol) -- Santa Cruz (Bol)
2) Santa Cruz (Bol) -- Asuncion (Par)
3) Asuncion (Par) -- Sao Paolo (Bra)

I will start early in the morning, and then will arrive late in the evening in SanPa.
It should be fun, just have to decide where I am going to stay for the 3 nights there.

Is it a sign?
Yesterday I had the blue French Coca-Cola bottle at my Israel place.
Tonight I had the yellow Brazilian one at the same place.