Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Senses Brazil

You play this game when you are a kid, and since I grow young these days, let me do it again.

If Brazil was a Smell,
I would probably say the smell of the Queijo BBQ with some Origan on the beach.

If Brazil was a Taste,
I would probably say the taste of the Açaí com Granolas and maybe banana on the side.
A day at the beach can not be complete without a cup of this Amazonia fruit turned into an ice cream and sort of corn flakes. The runner up is the Brazilian all you can eat BBQ, where waiter waiting for you to empty your plate, to refill it on the spot. Carretao (112 Visconde ed Piraja, Ipanema) was a delight for a cheap R$33 beer included.

If Brazil was a Sound,
I would probably say the sound of the Ice Tea man on the beach singing my children Baden Powell song Sodade.
On the other hand, when you go to discos or bars, 2 main tunes are fighting for the most popular. On the left side you have David Guetta's "The World is Mine", and on the right side is Shakira´s "Hips Don´t Lies". The winner will be announce at the end of the summer of course.

If Brazil was a Picture,
I would probably say the view from Corcovado. From there you understand why Rio de Janeiro is called the “Cidade Marvilhosa” (Marvelous City). The take off from Rio to Sao Paolo at night was also a fabulous experience. We flew over the entire city of Rio and I had the chance to be on the right wing (the left one). I could see the entire city at night with the crist over looking the different bays.

If Brazil was a Touch,
I would probably say the touch of the sand on any beach, the feeling of having sand betwen your toes and in your hair way after your shower been taken.