Sunday, June 04, 2006

Nazca, Perú

The famous lines of Nazca are unbelievable.

Noones knows what the lines are coming from but they are in the middle of the Peruvian desert, stuck between the magic mountains (Los Andes) and the (not so) Pacific Ocean. The Lines are drawn on many desertic plateau. Some lines are some sort of animals and some are whatever graphic design. Some says it`s a religious procession thing to invoke rain, some says it`s was to collect water, and some says it`s the proof that aliens came down on earth along time ago. Whatever you choose, you have to accept that this is facinating to see from a Cessna plane a monkey there or a dog here. My favourites was the giant Frigate Bird (around 300m). We were 5 plus the pilot and during 35 minutes we flew over some 15 plus drawings in the early hours of the day. I negociated with the tour operator the day before to be the co-pilot. Unfortunatly the weather was not as nice as I hoped but some pictures were taken, and hopefully soon been uploaded when time and technic permit.

Nazca is a small pueblo, and is full of people for at least 2 reasons: the market full of colour and the election full of anger. I will be very happy to see this election finished so that they could open the bars again. Although I found a hidden bar a through stone from the market, I might have to spend some time therem since I chec out from my hotel, and my bus is at 9 pm. So selfish for myself to think that way, but I promise you I compensae by telling you everything about my Peruvian Live South American Revolution.

My next destination is Arequipa by bus over the night. Hope I can make this trip. I never like buses and spending the night in one of them crossing the souh part of the Andes makes me thing that I am a bit of a rock and roll roader now. If I don`t like, I treat myself with a hot spring in Arequipa, and if I like the trip, I go for it anyway.

¡ Hasta la victoria (del Pisco) siempre !