Sunday, June 25, 2006

Puno, Perú

New friend on board : CLOFAR.
I never met so many friends in such a small amount of time. Hope that this on will be better companion that the others.

SO ........... I decided to move after the Raymi.
This was a not really pleseant experience. Beeing sick in the middle of 3 billions Peruvians to watch some dressed-up Inka talking during 3 hours in Quetchou´an was not my cup of Coca Tea. It was like watching a video gam but in the real world.

SO ........... I decided to move anyway from this city, and heads up to Bolivia where it will be colder and higher. I want to see few places there and then going down to some warm place, after all I am in vacation and not in detention.

I am staying at a nice hotel in Puno (-thing to do), the last big city on the Lake Titicaca before Bolivia. Urus people are living in some strange flottant islands, but I pass on that. I had a great trout tonight from the Lake Titicaca near by at the rstaurant close to the hotel (Coca Kintu). The town is so strange that there is only one street that people stuck to, and dont try to go anywhere else.

Tomorrow I cross the Bolivian Border.
I am quite excited that the journey is strating again.