Friday, June 23, 2006

Tranquilo in Qos´co, Perú

I have 3 news friends. I met APRONAX during a late night and did not pursue with this sleepy companion. But I met 2 new good friends, DOLOGINA who helps me to talk better, and DIBAROL who makes me sleep like a baby. They have been introduced to me by 2 pharmacist whose only differences were that one had glove and the other did not. Anyway, I feel a bit better but plan to not move around till I can walk straight and be able to stay in a bus night ride if necessary.

So,I am enjoying the long week Cusqueñan ¨Festival of the Sun¨ under the rain. This festival called Inti Raymi is celebrated to wish a Happy New Quechouan Year. Everyday, plaza del Armas is full of dance from all different schools, college, university, professional and other part of the society that I can not quite picture yet. During the entire day you can watch Peruvian folkloric dances followed by their associated Bandas (portable orchestre). Yesterday was the blessing of the different Maria virgen from the local pueblos. The statue carried by as many men as possible (between 20 and 30) is rushed inside the main Cusqueñan church followed by the Bandas to wake up probably the priest who is certainly not aware of the major situation. The funny thing was the song they were playing: Starwars! At least the statue will be warshiped.

Stopping over a trip helped me to look around in a different way, and make me think about how people pursue tourist. I am in between my full time job (traveller) and the local people. Most of the people in the street I am living now knows my name, and its feel like a home place somehow, by not having to unpacked and packed my bag. I kind look at travelling activity as a new way. I knew travellers before when I was a kid and saw them as noisy fellow, but here it is much more as understanding both sides. I am an no-action-peace-keeper-in-between without borders.

My new routine is pretty much set up already by ¨all¨ the activities I am doing in town. I usually wake up at 6:00 AM by the fireworks they allways do, but rapidly fall back to sleep and stretch my night till 11ish, time to watch the summary of the fisrt soccer game while drinking my coffee. I usually go back to a more smokey room with a big screen to watch one or sometime two games back toback. After this main activity, I push myself to the end of the plaza central where I fight between local kid who try to sell me their local stuff and some adventurous tourists who wants to do the samething as me: sit on the bench to watch the sunset. I sometime fight with my El Aleph, Borges book bought 5 soles at a coner street. When the light is not good enough for my glasses, I reach my room or do some websurfing, choose a restaurant nearby and follow it by some drinks. From all the different beer that Peru offers you (Cusqueña, Arequipeña, Pilsen, Cristal), Cusqueña Malta is my favourit. Then, when night starts to talk softly I usually manage to climb the stairs of Ukuku in where I shake my bottom with a lot of local and a few tourist. 3 Soles is the Taxi bargain price to go home. All along the day, my game is to try to found out from witch country the tourist is from. Most of time I am wrong.

As you can see my day are really busy and full of encuentros with tourists, expat, local and aliens. But I will tell you later about that. Now it is time to watch France to be humilated again. So that I can focus on something more interesting like travelling again.

Thought of the day
La mentirosa tiene patas cortas, y la verdad tiene patas largas.