Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bali Fresque

Here the truism of the day: traveling with young kids is different than traveling without.

For young kids novelty is part of their daily life. Everyday new stuffs are being thrown at them like nobody’s business. It’s when adult that novelty become a more difficult experience, since it has to be filtered by all previous experiences to assess the situation or relate to own being. When young, the assessment has been outsourced to all adults around in the hope that the experience will not disturb too much your cognitive experience, and the focus is only on the experience itself without judgement or reservation.

Young Balinese Kids
Watching Sunset Before a Dance Performance

Near Seminyak

Adults on the other hand have to think and understand the experience throw kids’ eyes and their own at the same. This schizophrenia is usually deceptive yet part of the parenting experience. Why young kids don’t like what we think is best for them?

Fishermen  around Nusa Dua beach

On the other hand, kids do not worry too much of what the experience is and also of the others’ experience (actually just enough to not be trigger the unhappy feeling). Tension rises when too much fun is associated with no value in the experience. Why young kids don’t like watching this beautiful sunset?
Sunset Picture Taking near Seminyak

It doesn’t matter in reality whom had experienced what and what were the feeling or passion felt at the time, because for each side of the equation the unknown is constant and the solution is obvious: do without under-appreciating. Young kids should play and parent should have fun. But why young kids don’t like eating this beautiful meal?