Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Qos´co, Perú

What I do in the best so far in Qos´co
(Cusco in Quechouan)

Real Joke of the month

I always heard about it but never had a chance to watch it live, now it is done, and it fells really good. Here it is

An english guy wait in line to buy something. It is now his turn and start in this broken spanish his wonderfull public speech, load enought to impress everyone and especially his girlfriend waiting next to him.
- Him ¨Perdon, I am embararassado, pero, quiero, .....¨ (never had a chance to finish is sentence)

The audience was under the table just after the pero

What he wanted to say was: ¨Sorry, I am embarassed to ask you, but, I want ......¨
What he said in reality: ¨Sorry, I am pregnant, but, I want ....¨

Sometime it is hard to travel in a foreign country.

New rule in the Inka-Tation bibble book, rule #3:
¨When you don´t know how to say it, make sure nobody can heard you¨