Monday, June 12, 2006

Cañon del Colca, Perù, Photos

The literaly highter point of my life: 4880 meters above sea level.
As you can see you still have some more mountain higher around, like the Misti you see behind the Peruvian on the photo.

The church that survive the last earthquake 50 years ago in Chivay.

Inka Cola is the famous drink around here, and the coco-loco are the taxi-muppet

Beware, crossing llama at 4000 meters and above

The light point in the middle of the canon is the Condor.
But the even tighner point on the flat rock in the middle of the photo is our guide :)

Here is the famous Canon del Colcal.
Of course it is better in real life since you can not really put a 1200 meters depth into a 12 millimeters high pictures.