Thursday, August 17, 2006


The first thing that I notice in Toronto after travelling for so long in South America is the absence. The absence of aggresivity. I could just walked in the city and lifted my weight of constant pain. I could walked around without thinking twice about what could happen to me.

You always see the place you are in with the eyes of the place you just left. And for me I was seeing the place with South American eyes.
I was natural in the city again. Toronto became instantanitly my city, the city that I lived in for many years now. My moving around was very fine yet tourist. I forced myself to stay in a hostel in Kensington Market, and such for 2 reasons; the first one because it is a central place in Toronto, and the second because it is one of the Spanish place in Toronto. I was having a central decompression sass for the few days I was staying in Toronto in my in-between time.

During my short stay in this city I tried to do all the thing I must have to do before leaving, and sadly enough I just manage to do only few of them. I am really sorry to not had the time for all the people that I know in Toronto and I did not see, but know for sure that I keep a big place for all you in my small heart.

I was really sad when I took the taxi back to the airport, but I was happy that I did this trip with my special person. During the trip, K. and I listed all the thing that I must remember and here it is for you a bit but for me as well a lot for not forgetting:

  • Susur, best restaurant in town
  • Kensington Market wondering
  • Bacon Sandwich at St Laurence Market
  • Gate 403 Pub in Roncevalles on Sunday nights
  • Movie at the Revue in Roncevalles
  • Sushi at Il Bun Ji
  • Celebrations at Tempo in Little Italy
  • Afternoon sunbathing at the Diplomatico’s terrace
  • Ferry boat to go to the Toronto Island
  • Shrimps with garlic mayonnaise in the patio at my Roncevalles house
  • The entire Gerard Street (Indian Bazaar)
  • Queen Street saturday shopping
  • Black Bull people watching tournament
  • ...

    For all of these reason, I love Toronto.
    Toronto is a beautiful city ... in the summer time.