Friday, August 04, 2006

Huaraz, Peru

I bought my ticket to go to Huaraz, and 2 days later I find out that I would fly out of Lima 24 hours sooner than what I was thinking. That would have left me with only 24 hours after a night bus trip, to see the entire city and all the different sites around, with a big risk of not finding a bus ride to Lima later on.

The only thing I saw, then, of Huaraz is their website !

I gave up on one more 10 hours night bus trip and book instead a 10 hours day bus ride to Lima to arrive safetly to the Hostel I started almost 3 months.

Same crowd, same music, same place and almost same stories.
It feels good to be back home, in nowhere.

Overheard conversation
I was in a long bus trip, and after 12 hours my neigbourghs were very tired spending most of the trip managing the 5 years old girl running around, trying to occupied her most of the journey. At the end of the trip, while leaving the bus, the 5 years old kid complained about her evil mother and she said very loadly so that the entire bus could heard what she had to say: "Yo soy un esclave de mi Mama, porque no puedo ser libre!"