Monday, August 07, 2006

Lima II, Peru

In few hours I will take my flight back to TO, and in the meantime I am surfing on the net trying to catch on the world like a maniac. I missed so many thing during my time off travelling in South America that it will take me more than few hours to go around. By the way, I would greatly appreciate any king of fast crash course to go over some of the most important thing that went by during the last 3 months.

- Europe had a hot wave, as well as North America.
- A war started in Middle East.
- Asia had few crisis, India some bombs, and Africa try to elect corrupt people.
- Few presidents were elected and some were dismissed.
- Cuba almost change, but manage to be the same, for now.
- My soccer team did not buy any players yet start with a win last saturday.

One thing that did not change that mush is the city that I started few months. Lima is the same as I left it. The thing that actually change is probably me and my backpack. I almost lost /give everything or had some of my stuff stolen all along the way. I also bought so many thing that nothing is the same in my bag.

This is what travel is for in fact, unload your bag and load it with some new idea. I will need some time to go over all my pictures, upload the best shots online and for sure think about everything that happen to me in these last few months. I am in a certain way sad because my trip in South America is now over but I am really happy to go back to TO.

I will have a long hot bath and a green salad tomorrow and that will make my day.

Spark of the day
In Lima everything could be stolen. So in restaurant, all chairs have their own purse-lock on the back of them. Weired but it´s working.

Best CD in the hostel
Anthology of Marvin Gave

My last cab ride from the hostel to the airport was quite a ride.
I was driven by a cocainoman cab driver and we drove the 20 Km in less than 16 minutes. At one point, between bumps and holes, we took over a bus that was taking over an other cab and having a car in front of us in a 2 lines road in the midle of the night. I was praying beleive it or not in Spanish. But we made it largerly in time for the line up at the one Air Canada counter. Safe and in one piece.

Gracias a Dios