Tuesday, August 15, 2006


When I look back to the last 3 months I just spent, I can say that I was very lucky. I had a great time traveling around, meeting people and more importantly had a chance to be in places that helped me think to be different. I know when you think you don’t usually do, but in my case I did do a lot of thinking. One should have some time off in his or her life to be able to do the thinking and then think the doing.

Let me explain you why I was lucky. I traveled in the North part of South America in places where usually people don’t go because they prefer spending times in more casual destinations. I do agree on that statement and used to think that way, but this time I try to push a bit my boundaries and change my references for a change.

I was lucky to be different.
I spend most of my time looking at things and tried to understand through my own perspectives, accepting most of the times what I had in front of me, even if it was something against my believes or my reasoning. Since I was away, I must be away from my own person as well, and be ready for the difference. I am happy to say to you that I had the chance to manage most of the time the difference propose in front of me, so be it the lack of respect, the very low weight of someone else life or the grandiose splendor of the scenery. The things that were propose to me were all the time different and change me in some ways. I can visualize now what could be the immensity, or the mystical, or the dramatic, or the questionable, or the distress. I have seen all of these with my own eyes, and added more experiences to my years. I expend my

I was lucky to be by myself.
Backpacking by yourself is a thing that should be done only in good company. And I liked being lost in places without having the possibility or the opportunity to communicate. Some people could not spend an hour without talking. I was happy to spend days without talking to anyone but to myself. Of course I had to speak to people and chitchat with them on some casual thing, like bus schedule or food menu or place to sleep, but I could not elevate my casual talking to something more profound due to my lack of motivation or lack of language domestication. I spend most of my time in this state of mine, yet I was happy and looked for it.

I was lucky.
I did not had any trouble in crossing all these countries. Of course I had some issue here and there, but nothing special. Most of the things that I took with me the first day were lost / stolen / given by the end of the trip, but I had nothing wrong happen to me. I was the witness of more serious thing, like robbery or mugging, I heard story from people who were robbed, mugged, kidnapped and rapped. I saw dead people on the sidewalk and I manage to go through without any issue. My lucky star was taking care of me during this trip.

When I think about all the things that I traveled through, I would say that the 2 things that I still can remember vividly even today are the Machu Picchu in the early morning and the bay of Rio de Janeiro at the end of the afternoon.

Macchu Picchu in Peru, for me is the time when I saw enigma.
Nobody knows why this place exist, but it is still there between earth and sky, floating in the clouds.

The bay of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, for me is the time when I saw magic.
Nobody can appreciate more Rio than from the Christ (Corcovado).

These two places are now in my heart and in my dreams for the rest of my life.
I was lucky to just see them once in my lifetime.
I am glad that I traveled to be there.