Sunday, January 13, 2008

UOB Plaza

UOB Plaza, One Place

UOB Plaza is a complex composed by two towers, namely UOB Plaza One and UOB Plaza Two. The tallest tower, UOB Plaza One, is a 280-metre tall building with 66 floors, and was completed in 1992. It is the headquarters of the United Overseas Bank, so its name UOB. Between the 2 towers, the main plaza hosts two sculptures on the ground floor, one in the "city room" which is designed by Salvador DalĂ­ representing an Open heart and an Open mind.

The other sculpture outside the main plaza represents a bird, designed by Fernando Botero. In the Columbian mythology this bird is the symbol of peace and was erected after the famous September 11, 2001 at the one of the 3 tallest towers in Singapore. The 2 others are UOB Plaza One (80 Raffles Place) and OUB Centre (1 Raffles Place), Republic Plaza (9 Raffles Place), both at 280 meters high.

When you get off the Raffle MRT subway station, the first thing you notice is the giant atrium of the place and the view on the river. On the other side one can distinguishes the famous IndoChine Waterfront restaurant, which shares the stately Empress Place Building with the Asian Civilisations Museum.

When you look on the right of the plaza, after the dome bar where all the banking white collar ambiance has its brunch at 11 AM, you can pick at Clarke Quay, another place where you can wander around the river, a place to eat, see, drink or been seen.

When you look on the left of the plaza, after the “fat feet bird” you can have a pick at the Marina Bay and its Opera House (the Durian). I can not imagine in 10 years when the entire Marina will be finish and I will be able to go around the Bay by foot, walking with a night the breeze for companion.

Next door, the Fullerton Hotel, is the there to illustrate the fast growing of the British excellence during the colonial time and prove that Singapore was once a place where people enjoyed staying more than a week.

I guess UOB Plaza, is the One Place to start a walking trip at Singapore, and maybe finish it as well. Nice place to stay and waste your time.