Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cats & Dogs

I like my rain like a Double - Latte with cream, but in Singapore it’s more than a espresso with no sugar, no milk, in your face.

The question you ask yourself in the morning when you look up at the blue sky, is not if it’s going to rain today, but rather at what time it’s going to rain today.

Last morning I was using intensely my laptop, focusing on what I should write next and I did not notice that within 10 minutes the bleu sky turned pitch black, and thunderstorms were lighting up the entire apartment. I took 2 pictures, during and after, within 20 minutes difference, and you can judge by yourself.

The room became totally dark, I had to switch on the light. The next door hotel had its trees falling on the road and, rain & wind were so heavy that I thought it was a tropical hurricane. After being totally showered, the city drained the extra water out within few minutes and the sun came back like nothing happen. Hot and humide again.

I am starting to understand the way the rain is in Singapore, except that I am not too good at deciding when to take the umbrella. I got soak too many times walking back to the apartment barefoot, totally washed.

Still learning.