Friday, January 18, 2008


In 2006, the number of tourists visiting Singapore reached a record number of 9.7 million. I am sure that in 2007 the 10 million hurdle was easily jumped over. What do all this visitor all do in Singapore?

You already know that, they shop, and they eat, and they shop, and then shop again, and finally go to bed, because the next day they shop, and they eat, and they shop, and then shop again, and finally they go back home.

You have thousands of places to shop in the Mall-Town (… no music involved there). You can find the mall you want, at the time you prefer, and with the friends you want. Orchard Road is just a non stop succession of malls linked with air-conditioned underground to avoid the heat outside just there for you to shop all day long. Most of the malls close at 9PM. But some never close (Orchard Pacific) and can entertained the youngest of the island all night long. Some called it even the Teenager Mall, in reference to the average age of it visitors, and not it size.

Along the way of the shopping mall street, you can find many Singapore Visitor Center, with thousand of maps, flyers and other marketable prospectus to point any visitor from any country in the world to the right shopping direction. You can also relax in a feet massage chair while watching some videos on how to shop in Singapore.

I really don’t know how many Singapore Visitor Center you have in the city, but all are pretty convenient, huge, air conditioned and comfortable. I would stay the entire afternoon there if they had free coffee, and not having people who keep asking you if you want to see a show, go to the zoo, or buy something in particular. Shopping is a life experience in Singapore as good as eating, breathing or sleeping.

Beware VISITOR, if you come to Singapore you are going to be park in Center, and be ready to shop, and ship your sh*t.