Saturday, January 19, 2008

New roommate

Living in a share apartment is sometimes refreshing, sometimes interesting but never boring.

The short term lease 3 bedrooms apartment is a place of In-and-out by it simple definition. It happens that your Monday’s roommate will not be there the next Sunday and will keep on moving to his or her next travel destination. My long term hotel stay is a place for wanabe travelers or semi retired corporate lifer. Notwithstanding it seems very undersized but with a 3 months under my belly I am the oldest inhabitant in the flat, from my recollection.

I had people from South Africa, Brazil, England, Hong Kong and even Singapore sharing the bathroom or the kitchen with me, but the last roommate that decide to stay for sometime with me is different from the others ones.

His name is Paul, and we just meet a couple of days ago. We did not had a chance to fully introduce ourselves but I am sure we would had a great exchange if we had done it. Paul is a Nighter, and I am these day a Dayter. I get up when he comes back from a night full of adventure and he sleeps all day long, and I do the exact opposite, although I am a bit jealous.

He is a dreamer and usually lives on the ceiling, and I am proud to tag myself as a fully grounded person. He is small, and I am still wearing proudly my 10 extra pounds that I carried over 3 continents from past year adventure. He is green, and I am becoming wiser thankfully to my over emphasized recently white hair.

Anyway, we are very different and at the same have a unique chance to know from each others, sharing the same head quarter.

Until this morning, when after a night of partying I sure of, I found Paul in my cereals box. That was the limit for me, I can’t take it anymore. I do not like when people stealing food from their roommates.

Do I have to keep EVERYTHING in the fridge with my name on it?

Paul the Gecko

I will have to talk to the owner about that, and I am sure that Paul the Gecko is not paying rent on top of it.