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North India Addresses

Here is a compilation of recommended spots in the Golden Triangle Deluxe version: Golden Triangle (Delhi; Agra-Taj Mahal; Jaipur) & Udaipur. is urging everyone who wish to travel to India to cross-check and reference many times with multiple sources the different addresses below since places might change name, address, and certainly quality.



  • Hotel Palace Heights
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    The place to stop over on your way to Delhi. Small, casual, convenient, clean and very central. The spot to get if you can.

  • The Taj Mahal Hotel
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    Do I have to mention this 5 stars hotel for its quality of service and its central city location? The spot to get if you can afford.

, Taj Mahal
  • ITC Mughal, Agra
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    Well situated, prefered place to stay in Agra, not to mention that they do have a descent restaurant as well that can help you discover the local cuisine as well as the western breakfast

  • Trident
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    Far away from the main traffic, so quiet and difficult to move around. For families who wish to take a break from the Taj Mahal frenzy while not compromising on standards. Used to be the Hilton hotel, but downgraded recently and rebranded on Trident.

  • The Oberoi Amarvilas
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    Quiet and close to Taj Mahal, this nice luxury option in the area have some rooms with a direct view over the UNESCO site. For once in a life time experience of Maharadja travel style.

  • Golden Tulip Jaipur
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    Very nice option away from crazy Jaipur. Would recommend anytime, with nice room, good service and delightful restaurant. The place to go in Jaipur.

  • Panorama Guest House
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    Cheap, clean and quiet until 7 AM and the next door temple bells.

  • Amet Haveli
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    With a direct view of the Lake Palace, and City Palace, the hotel is a good bet for a relaxing vacation. Would recommend staying on the first floor in room 15, 16 or 17. Especially the last one.

  • Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel is a early 17th century haveli, situated in the lively but quiet streets of Udaipur. Rooftop restaurant experience is a must even though you are not staying at the hotel.

  • Hotel Udai Kothi
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    UdaiKothi is a modernish hotel, with all facilities and amenities you wish to have, expect that everything comes in small sizes. Small room, small swimming pool, small food portion, yet large bill. The romantics views from the rooftop again is great.

  • The Karohi Haveli
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    Great hotel, on the quiet side of the lake, usually filled with tour operator. Excellent backup plan if on the back burner.

  • Taj Lake Palace Udaipur
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    The palace from the Octopussy, James Bound movie is the ultimate experience in Udaipur, with private garden on the island. The white palace is usually booked in advance and for security reason does not allow non guest to have a cocktail or dinner at their restaurants anymore. Once in a life time experience.

  • The Oberoi Udaivilas
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    On the other side of the lake, the 5 stars hotel has the best view on both Lake and City palaces. Should be an option if you can fit the bill

  • Trident, Udaipur
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    New and modern hotel that seems to be even more grandiose than the Udaivilas according to the local legend.
  • Hotel Udai Niwas
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    Poor service, poor quality, cold water and over expensives. Staff are far more interested in your cash than actually propose any kind of service. Need to be skipped all together


  • Bukhara @ ITC Hotel the Maurya
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    World famous for its North-West Frontier cuisine, Bukhara is referenced in the world for its traditionally cooking prepared in a clay oven (tandoor). Rustic ambiance but the only imporatnt thing will be the food. Order the Lamb Leg and the Black Dhal. Rated amongst the top 50 restaurants in the world and the finest restaurant in Asia by "Restaurants" magazine. Hours : 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM; 7:00 PM - 11:45 PM

  • Varq @ The Taj Mahal Hotel,
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    In your face cooking as oppose to in your plate cooking, but this modern Indian cooking restaurant has a reputation for not deceiving adventurous gourmet. Impeccable services.

  • Golden Tulip Jaipur
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    Pleasantly surprise by the quality of the Indian cuisine at this new hotel, although should be working on the service sometime and try to see the difference between serviceable and casual experience. Don't make the mistake to eat western, but venture instaed in the A La Carte menu.

  • Ambrai @ the Amet Haveli
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    Ambrais is a fantastic place to watch the sun setting or rising on the city of Udaipur, does not hurts that the Indian food is actually tasty and good, maybe slightly heavy.

  • Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    The view from the rooftop over the Lake Palace is astonishing. Service is great and food causally comfortable. A nice spot to celebrate any occasion.

  • CafĂ© Edelweiss
    [Website], [TripAdvisor]
    German Bakery & Coffee Shop.
    Address: 73 Gangaur Ghat, Udaipur, Rajasthan; Phone: 941/423-3573
    The breakfats place in the city filled with foreigners and ... more foreigners in constant search for comfy food. If you want a good coffee, a cappuccino, or a cinnamon roll without questioning the origin and wander the impact, this is the place to seat for a while.


Multiple Locations

  • Anokhi
    [Website], [US Website]
    Anokhi is a socialy responsible company with a mission to preserve fabric, design, and jobs in India. The company is known as an alternative role model for good business practices, and the ongoing revival of traditional textile skills. One of the few shops that has Indian fabric & pattern in Western design & size.

  • Rajasthali
    Government shops that help you to avoid the constant bargaining that occurs outside markets. Prices are fix, as well as quality and variety. At least one Rajsthali in every city in Rajasthan
  • Sadhna
    Old Fatehpura. Phone: 91 294 2454655. Fax: 91 294 2450947. E-mail:,
    Sadhna is a Women’s Handicraft Enterprise registered under the Mutual Benefit Trust Act, and was started under an NGO in 1988, with the aim of providing an alternative means of livelihood to the women of rural, tribal and urban slum areas in southern Rajasthan. Starting with just a small group of 15 women, now it has grown to a large family of 625 women artisans. The ownership of the organization lies in the hands of these artisans and the entire surplus earned goes to them only. Quality, variety and design are all authentic but the small shop is part of the Fair Trade in India and Europe now. Prices are worth the good cause. RECOMMENDED

  • Ganesh Handicraft Emporium
    City Palace Road,. Telephone: +91-294-523647. Email: Indian supplier of, Clothing, Soft Furnishings, Bags, Cases, Furnishings, Handicraft Products, Handicraft Supplies, Craft Products, Skirts, Sculptures, Cushion Covers. This Ali Baba's cavern is a delight to be lost into. Prices are there to confess that original Radjasthani cloths and fabrics have a value in the market, but the quality is amazing so are the colors. Like Ali Baba's cavern, the Emporium is hard to find, but if you ask around you will find the use warehouse behind the small front store.

  • University of Arts
    166 Jagdish Marg, City Palace Rd. Phone: 294/242-2591. Mr Durgesh Gurjargour, Email: Friendly people providing qualiy painting work. Worth the time to spare.

  • Sai Arts
    Mr Shyam Kumar Gothwal, and Ms Vimala Gothwal. 91, Near Jagdish Temple, Gangour Gat Marg, Udaipur. Mobile: 92521 77461. Nice gentlemen in a tiny shop in a busy street. Should stop at least to say hey!
  • Gulab Chand, Jaipur
    102-105-106, Ground Floor, Mall-21, Opp. Rajmandir Cinema. Phone 0141-2363320.
    Kuta shopping frenzy, with millions of designs and size for every women of the planet

  • Roop Lakshmi, Jaipur
    181, Johari Bazaar, Jaipur 302003. Tel: +(91) (141) 566520/564060/444520; Textorium M. I. Road, Jaipur 302001.
    The Saree place in Jaipur for those interested in buying expensive and high quality product (have a wedding soon?)

  • Train is the best way to travel from Delhi to/from Agra. Seat61 has a great explanatory tutorial about Trains in India. Online Booking should be done way in advance at IRCTC website []. Note that foreigners have dedicated and pre-reserved seat numbers in majors train. Make sure you check your waiting status few hours before departure, you could be surprise to have a seat even though you are in the double digit waiting list.

  • Rajasthan Four Wheel Drive
    [], [] Mr. Anil Sinha @ mobile: +91 98297 66640, +91 98292 48899
    Mr Sinha is the person to call if you need transportation in Radjasthan. In one phone call, and a SMS confirmation back, driver and car could be arrange anytime anywhere. Price are high, but what can you say when you have the master of the "defensive driving" method in front of view. Would RECOMMENDED anytime

  • Falcon, Udaipur. "Faster Than Faster"
    Friendly staff who could arrange some trips around Udaipur, and even in Rajasthan if you insist.

  • Proto Travel Concept, Agra
    KD @ mobile +91 97566 03702. Used his services to go around the city of Agra.

  • Puja Tours & Travel, Jaipur
    Mobile +91 98291 52067. Ok service for an airport pickup or drop off.

  • Perfect Holiday Travels, Delhi
    Ok service for an airport pickup or drop off.

Mintalo recommend to
  • Land in New Delhi
  • Visit the Red Fort & Old Mosque near by in Old Delhi
  • Take an early train to Agra
  • Visit Fatepur Sikri near Agra
  • Visit the Taj Mahal in Agra (twice)
  • Fly on to Udaipur
  • Transfer to Jaisalmer (Fly + Train, or Fly)
  • Should avoid Jaipur and Jodpur if possible