Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Rex Cinema, Little India

At the stop of the city of Singapore, crossing over another land on its way to Little India, lays the 63 years old building Rex Cinema at Mackenzie Road.

Cornered by a parking lot on its left and a Hawker Center on its right, the now movie hall has reemerged once again from its ashes.

All day long, the three screens are blabbering all the Singapore official languages (English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil) with an inclination for the South Indian's, 3-hours, dance & song features.

The building has reinvented itself many times over the years, going through many transformations, from a skating rink, to a church and lately a nightclub, but went back to its original movie passion what it was designed for in the first place.

The cinema's 70s look enlights the whole area, echoing the coloring that the Little India of Singapore vibrates with so vividly.

Like a guarding tower on the side of an entrance, the building is not here to prevent you from crossing over the next land, but rather warn you about the colors you will see along the way.

Inside the experience is far away from the one at any village. People seat on chairs, eat Chinese food, and drink American pop. You have been warned to not eat betel nut and or spit leaf on the floor.

But as soon as the lights fade away, the drama movie takes you to mother land India where movie are watched outdoor with an entire village to help you laugh and cry.

It is said that Mr. Narayanasamy Muthu the owner of the local film distributor Mega Movies was helped by Mr. Murugan Suppurayan, who runs a film distributing company in Malaysia, to reopen the Rex Cinema.

Some saying that they put together more than S$1.5 million in the building in renovation.

Sure thing that it clicks and splashs in the night.