Saturday, January 02, 2010

Indian Video

According to Mr. D our driver, there is 3 things that a good driver needs in India:
  1. Good Brakes
  2. Good Horn
  3. Good Luck

This is something that is easily believable in crowded cities over the India Sub-Continent.

Here are some short video from North India Trip to capture the livelihood of the place, like the Taj Mahal at sunrise and with the crowd around, the RickShaw (yellow motorcycle that goes everywhere in India), famous Snake Charmers and the surprising encounter you can make at the bump of any road. Missing in reality some elephants, camels, cows, monkeys, and dogs to complete the urban zoo in the street of India.

Taj Mahal

The Panoramic shot is a the first step with the monument, but can be overwhelming with so many people surrounding you for taking a picture with their small camera phone.

Taj Mahal at Sunrise
If you have the chance to enter the site early enough, just before the sun rise above the horizon line, you can see the star behind the white monument emerging from the near river's mist. A magical entrance for a magical human construction.

Taj Mahal at Sunrise Again

Another video shot with almost nobody around you. The few people at that time where exchanging contemplative smile with each other, a sign that usually says that the magical moment is appreciated by everyone.

RickShaw in Jaipur
The best way to move around is by rickshaw, a motorcycle with a bench in the back that can go everywhere and full speed. It's noisy, polluting and sometime scary, but the best way to see the city street life.

Snake Charmers, Amber Fort
They do exist, and snake charmers are consider a full time profession by Indian standard. Kids loved them.

Dhobi Ghat in Udaipur
The clear sound of the bat on clothes in the early hours of the morning, next to the not so clear water of Udaipur Lake.

Udaipur at Sunset
Named as the most romantic city in the world by Leisure and Travel Magazine (Indian edition !). Nevertheless there is something about it at sunset with the white palaces at shore and in the middle of the lake.

Goat on the Road
You never know what you could encounter at the end of the road in India.

This is a longer section RickShaw journey. With many more people watching and animals in the middle of the road.

Many more video could be watched, but nothing will replace the 360 degrees experience that you can have if you book yourself a return ticket to see the Taj Mahal.