Sunday, December 16, 2007

Botanic Garden

Take a green stop at the Botanic Garden

A block away from frenetic Orchard Road, the Botanic Garden is an almost peaceful place to rest, and a best way to spend a day enjoying the over 1,000 Orchids garden.

In the middle of the island this simple up and down the hill garden give families a chance to play Frisbees, kite fly or picnic on the grass.

The incredible amount of turtles can only be explain by the left over that Malays and Indian family forget intentionally to take back home. Obviously the last 2 swans do not enjoy the Indian-Malay diet that visitors force on them, and if not taking care of, the swan lake will be only a whish for the future generation. Please stop feeding the swan, or start doing it with the turtles

Paths and stylish landscapes give the walker a good grasp of would have been the vegetation before man hand started to correct its wildness.

I can only imagine the difficulty of surviving in this hot, humid and then unwelcoming land at the early time Singapore was created for Chinese decedents in Malaysia as a “gift” for their new country.

The Botanic Garden is a nice place to go, but too many trolleys at the House club.