Monday, December 24, 2007

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

It might be a bit late, but I am still writing to you anyway. After all I recently believe in you and you never know if you don’t read it, maybe one of your personal assistants might read it and pass the info to you.

I know that you have been very busy these days, and today was your last day of hard work and you finally had some time off ahead of you (well deserve time off I would add) but I am still writing to you for asking some help/advice.

Now I am quite a patient man and I would not ask for much for myself and definitely not ask it for tomorrow either. You can give help me when you want, but I would hope that you would help me before next year come along, and re-iterate publicly my embarrassing request to you.

I do understand as well that you might not be the right person to talk to and I would greatly appreciate if you could give me the contact information of anyone involves in the process or if you could point to the right direction for my inquire.

Some people would argue that being unemployed for as long as 20 months, the best I could ask would be a job. But I know that you are only involve in manufacturing, and since you offshore all your mass toy production to China in late 90’s, I would not be able to drop my standard to that level of devotion even for a kid cause.

Working 14 hours per day for less than $10 a month is not something that I can imagine actually doing, unless I’ve been punished by a legal authority to a sudden death sentence, and that is the only way to prologue my now painful surviving activities.

No I am not asking for a job in your Chinese factories, not in your newly quality control program that you had to put in place recently due to some malfunctions. No, I am not asking for a job (if I have to choose, I would prefer money over job anytime), but I am asking to find somebody else another job. I would like you to find someone, and convince him to find himself or herself another job on the planet.

I would like as well you to find a way to repair the damage that this person did to the face of human life and the future generation.

It might seem unusual but you are my last chance on this planet, and I have to admit I am desperately turning my hope to you since nobody on this planet seems to be interested by this massive ecological threat.

Here comes my wish for this Christmas 2007:
Find the person who invented the cheese in a can, and fire him!

Yours sincerely,