Friday, November 30, 2007

Buildings at night

It’s not only at Singapore, but here the phenomenon is amplified.

The answer to a fast growing population on an island, the government decided to build many different complex buildings. The Housing and Development Board (HDB) project was created for low income and helps mainly 80% of the population on the island.

Each HDB flats complex is working like a small town in which you have a food court or hawker center where people can eat for few dollars, all the shops amenities one fancy as well all the medical or schooling necessarily for the complex to self survived.

I am sure that older people would find all their need in their HDB. The community formed there is a strong and helpful one. In a hot and poor country, windows are usually open most of time giving a chance to exchange a piece of people life when wind blows a bit stronger than usual.

Here, one might hear the fight that happen on the second floor, here one might see the under wears of the new beautiful lady from the 14 floor, or one might see that the old man is always sleeping watching channel 8 during the afternoon. No more private life, only a public one.

These walls of apartment are very impressive during the day, because you have enough space to embrace them from very far away.

But it is a night time that HDB are even more impressive. Like sleeping giants, they take their lightning armors and wait for the sun to rise. I often try to capture the immensity of the HDB in one picture, but I do not give justice to the size, the life or even the form of buildings at night. One day I will take a proper picture I am sure of it.