Friday, October 27, 2006

Where do I dance/drink in Bordeaux ?

This is pretty tuff to do a list of where to go around since it keeps changing all the time, but let me try anyway.

Bordeaux as a southern city, likes to have her partying done half in the street half inside.

On Thursday night better to go to Place de La Victoire where all students come and have a drink before going back home for the weekend. No point of listing all the bars around the place, but make sure you do all of them.

Saint Pierre is also a good spot to go around, where Calle Ocho and other Casa Latina are safe bet. The tricky thing will be to survive in theses places where you will calliente inside and outside. For more info on the Latinos parties in Bordeaux.

L'Absolute Loungue (14 Rue de la Devise - Bordeaux Phone: 05-56-48-80-00) is a cool jazz-electro bar to sit and drink all night.

Saint Mich' (or Saint Michel) is more working class / authentic, and you will be able to drink a minth tea and listening to Rai on the main place. Dont eat there or run fast.

On the Quai, you can find other places to party shake your butt or drink your ass. H36 was a nice and rich place to go if you are around. Not sure you should cross the country to be there, but you never know, you could be lucky and have some fun there.

The last place is a no-recommendation, but is listed everywhere in guides and books. Quai de Paludade is a new area where young peop' go to check out and check it out. A bit risky if you go alone and want to find a friend.

The list can go on and on for ever, and could be change on daily basis.
I will not do it, and let you discover the new hot trendy place in Bordeaux by yourself.
Is it not the best thing to do in a city by the way ?