Sunday, October 15, 2006

Paris again

Paris by Day

Picture taken in Palais Royal by Lin.

Palais Royal

I love being a tourist in Paris, because it helps me to take some distance from the crazy, insane Paris and I start appreciate her for what she is worth.

The lady Paris is beautiful.

Every city is to me a person, and Paris is this beautiful independant woman mid-30s who knows what life is. She has been in love and she has been dumped as weel.

She knows it all!

When you look at her she makes you feel too young, and you probably say M'dam when she ask you a question.

Of course when you answer back to her, she start laughting and make fun at you. But you don't really care beacuse she is beautiful, and you hope that one day you will be able to know half of what she does.

Picture taken in Palais Royal by Lin.

Then later on you know her more and more, and you see her everyday, and you start not remembering that she is so beautiful and special to you.

So you don't want to see her anymore and you want to leave her.

You tell her one day at a terrasse and you leave her there, alone, with her glass of wine in a rainy day.

She does not care because she is Paris and she will have plenty of other opportunities and she will go for the next one.

Many years later you come back to her and you see her.

She is still beautiful and pretty. She makes fun of you and you still can't say a word. She makes you feel too young again.

She is in love but with someone else.

C'est la Vie!