Monday, October 23, 2006

What do I eat in Bordeaux with my wine?

Thinking that What to drink in Bordeaux is not a very relevant question I am putting together a list of places to visit as often as possible. Since I still have some acquaintance there, here is a good list of place to spend some time behind a chunk of wood with a fork in one hand and a piece of bread at a knife through of your fingers.

Stomach ready?


  • L'entrecote : 4 cours de 30 juillet . Bordeaux 05 56 81 76 10,
    €16 / person, classic steak house in bordeaux close to Grand Theatre. Actually this is probably your best bet when you want eat late at night. No reservation, just line up in the staircase.
  • La Tupina : 6 rue porte de la monnaie. Bordeaux 05 56 91 56 37
    A classic restaurant, and well respected.
    The duck boudin is a thick, wide disc of dark meat rich with pungent gamey flavours that floats above the well-dressed salad with apple slices it sits on. The texture is dense, as if the maker had originally made a boudin twice this size and then compressed it. The apple cuts sharply to alleviate the richness. It’s a hefty starter, but more is to come.
  • Le Toscane : 6 rue du cancéra . bordeaux 05 56 01 12 18
    This is my Mum secret place in Bordeaux. Quite Expensive, but one of the best Italian restaurant on the planet.
  • Dubern. 44 allées de ourny . Bordeaux 05 56 79 07 70
    This is an institution in Bordeaux, everyine knows Phillippe Dudern. Usually if you want to have a bourgeois wedding
  • Le Café Maritime. Quai armand lalande - Bordeaux 05 57 10 20 40
    Very Hip restaurant, world nouvelle cuisine + gastronomy cuisineThai- Indonesian Cuisine. Very select and fine cuisineIn the old vineyards warehouse on the piers.
  • La Dame de Shangaï. 1 quai armand lalande bdx 05 57 10 20 50
    Chinese Jonque transformed into a restaurant. Mixed between French food and Asian food.
  • L'Arene Catherine. 34 rue Sainte-Colombe - Bordeaux
    Simple Bistro, where you can eat as well as see, or been seen.
  • Le Jardin des Gatronomes. 1 place Saint Pierre - Bordeaux
    Bistro bar, with a unique menu, basic but classic.
  • Le Comptoir du Jazz. 58 quai de Paludate - Bordeaux
    This is a place in where you can eat well for a reasonable price while listening to some Jazz music. This is the Jazz reference place in Bordeaux and should not be missed while in town if you like this kind of music.
  • Some more Bordelais Restaurant.


  • Hostellerie Le Robinson. On the Garonne river, 15 minutes away from Bordeaux. Just the place is worse going there.I wont talk about the food.


  • Le Chiopot. 281 rue des quatre castéra - 33130 bègles - Tel 05 56 85 62 41
    One of the oldest institution in Bordeaux (Begles is close to Bordeaux)
    At Le Chiopot, chef Jean-Claude Coutenuit is known for his way with beef dishes, though many other excellent options are available as well. Try the bordelaise entrecote steak, which you can view grilling in the massive fireplace, or the house specialty, a salad of tricandilles with a zesty garlic and ginger dressing. Traditional fish dishes are also recommended, including salmon, cod, and escargot. Elegant, upscale atmosphere and helpful service.


  • Le Saint James - 3 place camille hostein 33270 bouliac Tel 05 57 97 06 00
    Do I have to present the most welknowed Relais and Chateaux in Bordeaux

Saint Emilion

  • Palais Cardinal *** (3 stars) place du 11 novembre 33330 st emilion 05 57 24 72 39
    Gastronomic restaurant, on top of the hill with a beautiful view overlooking vineyards.Very select !
  • Hôtel du chateau grand barrail . Route de libourne 33330 st emilion
    Grand Barrail Château Resort & Spa A haven of refinement and relaxation in the middle of the vineyards! Excellent concept Wine & Spa


  • Le pavillon de margaux.
    3 rue g. mandel 33460 margaux 05 57 88 77 54
    Gastronomic Restaurant, Bistro menu at lunch time with view overlooking vineyards

This is my list and reflect my opinion and should be debated on regular basis with myself. I will more than happy to change and update my list based on people input, if I am invited of (main) course.