Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yogyakarta, addresses


  • Bladok Losmen (Jl. Sosrowijayan 76)
    This Bed & Breakfast / Hostel is a good place to hang out in the North side of the main backpacker area of Yogya. With vast,quiet and spacious room you will be able to enjoy the good Western & Indonesian food from the kitchen, the refreshing swimming pool and smiling staff. As loong as you can bear the early morning next door church and early airplanes.

  • Ministry of Coffee (Jalan Prawirotaman I/15A)
    This Hotel-Restaurant proposes nice and copious sandwitches and fabulous iced coffee
  • Via Via Cafe (Jalan Prawirotaman I)
    The story of this Cafe should be discovered around a drink and some proposing across the world an eco friendly concept to reach local and traveller without bargaining on quality
  • Bladok Losmen (Jl. Sosrowijayan 76)
    Did I mentioned that Bladok proposes the best Banana Pankake in the North of equator?

  • Batik Winotosastro (Jl. Tirtodipuran 54)
    Pass the shop at the entrance and pop your head in the back of the warehouse to watch ow batik are been made. The friendly staff take you arouond and explain the different processes involve ini this hand made and therefore unique fabric.
  • Mirota Batik (Jl. Jend. A. Yani No. 9)
    This is the shopping place, and it's air conditionned. The 3 storeys offers a vast selection of gifts and others craft you can fit in your suitcase for your happy return home. At the end of the store fine reserve place display the most expensives and refine batik fabric
  • Mirota Gallery (Jalan Malioboro 2)
    From the same above owner, the Gallery is in fact a furniture exhibition center that can ship almost good teak pieces anywhere in the world.
  • LANA Gallery (Jl. Menukan 276A)
    Lana Gallery displays contemporary art from artists of Yogya's Fine Arts school at Western price for Western clients.