Sunday, April 26, 2009


Bali has been entertaining for centuries a colorful imaginary for apprentice pirates, bedroom travelers and other daydreamer adventurers, and frankly speaking it will be difficult to give justice to such a beautiful and welcoming place on the planet in a couple of sentences.

But let me try anyway.

Check Players on the beach

First of all it is an island stuck between the big Lombok and the bigger Java along the equator, and since the early days of the Javanese empire its inhabitants have developed a privilege relationship with the surrounding water. The interesting thing is that Bali has no major waterways, and apart from the seaside temple of Tanah Lot, the natural borders are not yet used by the tourism industry, leaving visitors to explore the island as it used to be and as it should be : by foot walking along the beach.

Refreshing delights

One might add that the Kuta resort is a scar on the face of Balinese culture, but I would argue the opposite. Moving from an agriculture base society three decades ago to advocating its own culture, the island managed to stay intact yet changing in its interaction with the world. Of course, (mass) tourism has a major impact on the island, but Bali managed to deal with it on its own way : by parking most of the visitors in a small place, down south, away from the most interesting places of the island.

Begining of the Sunset

The destination is most well known for being a surfer paradise, although I would say that the island proposes the most delightful experiences in Asia only if one can escape from the resort and lost self around for new adventures.

End of the Sunset

In a shape of a large champagne cocktail glass, Bali offers a large playground for new and interesting ways of vacationing (Dance, Music, Painting, Architecture, Natural Park, Diving Sites, Volcanoes and Food).

It’s up to you to drink that till you drop.