Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Kolkata address


  • Tollygunge Club
    Is a bit far away from the city center but with the railway system is just 15 minutes from all main destinations. Quiet and piecefull if not golf tournament in schedule during your stay. Place of various weddings
  • Oberoi Hotel
    Next to New Market, this 5 starts hotel is a luxury close to shopping chaos. I would recommend this expensive place very central and easy access.

[[Restaurants ]]
What could be said there ... so many that I sould do an entire blog dedicated to these topic itself, but from the ones that I personally tried (in 3 days remember!?!)

  • Bar-B-Q (Park Street) is a very nice and affordable Chinese restaurant.
  • Flury's (Park Street) is more than a tea shop, and the pastries are heaven
  • Oh Calcutta! (Forum Mall on Elgin Road) is a very good Indian and Bengali Cuisine


  • Park Street
    is one of busiest places in Calcutta. It is a place where you will find everything, from books to clothes to food - anything you wish. You can buy jewelleries in Oysterz Bay, books and novels from Oxford Book Store, choose from a wide variety of clothes in the garment stores, buy music albums for Music World, watches form The World of Titan or any other shop, mobile phones from the Nokia Showroom and top it all up with a light meal at One Step Up! or at Barista.
  • South City Mall (Address: Prince Anwar Shah Road)
    The food court has sitting arrangement for around 2000 people on the last floor. The shopping experience is western standard with western price. Place to check out : Ritu Kumar and Zodiac for men's ties
  • Forum Mall (Elgin Road)
    It is a clothe complex, from denims to formalwear for both men and women. You can also find cosmetics from International brands, and accessories. Exclusive cuisines at Oh! Calcutta. Place to check out there : Ritu Kumar, Satya Paul, Cottonworld
  • Sir Stuart Hogg Market or New Market (Lindsey Street)
    This place is a Landmark in Kolkata city and still remains very popular among the well to do Bengalies despite heat & smell. The market used to be the first organised supermarket in whole of Asia, with all kinds of shops selling from shoes, dress, vegetables, florist, jewellery, Bakery, Grocery & livestock products. It still remains till date as it was before but looks very dirty , smelly & hot. There is no air conditioning except the shops. One part of New Market was devastated by fire in 1985 then it was rebuilt but this side lacks that old charm. Ask for Chamba Lama, the best jewellery in town
  • Sabiha Satchi / Tarun Tahalani
  • 85 Landsdowne Road (guess? 85 Landsdowne Road)
    This is designer wharehouse for the best saree in town, sometime a bit pricy, but fantastic outfit