Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Koh Phi Phi addresses


  • Bay View Hotel.
    This is the best of the 2 worlds, calm because at the end of the beach, close to be able to go to downtown if you wish. The walk was 15 minutes, and the accomodation was clean and spacious with a (blue) sea view. Along the hill you could have a close to nowhere alone bungalow if you ask. The rsort has as well one swimming pool and 2 private beaches along the way. It is still affordable to be able in a regular high end back packer budget ($36 / night).

  • Italian restaurant on the main food court.
    This place has lobster bigger than my 2 hands and tatsy like if there were fresh out of the water. This place deserve a look, maybe 2 actually.

  • Do you speak swedish?
    No! Forget having fun, even if you go to the Hippy Bar to see the fire show you have to order your drink in a Nordic language