Monday, March 05, 2007

Chaing Mai address


  • S.K. House (Don't need the address ...)
    Don't go there !!!
    Over price (Twice), not clean. Stole my bag, Service is close to null.
    Each time you ask a question you disturb people in their games or sleep.
    Not to mention that during the tour, the guide insult me ... Please Don't go there !!!
  • Libra Guesthouse (28 Moon Muang Rd. Soi 9 Chiang Mai - Phone 0 5321 0687)
    Next door to SK House
    Half price, better room size and good location
  • Hair World & First Spa Boutique Hotel (85/5 Sriphoom Rd. Chiang Mai)
    High End but well situated, not had a chance to check it you but deserve a close pick
  • Rachamankha (6 Rachamankha 9, T.Phra Singh. Chiang Mai - Phone:0 5390 4111)
    Very high end, close to luxury but what a building (Click on the link just for the beauty of the journey). 2 square buildings join together by a sort of bridge surrended by japanese garden, with beautiful room and quiet place near by a temple in a remote yet central place. Luxury is there.


  • Night Market (Chiang Mai).
    All the different sea food restaurant in the nigt market are interesting, not exceptional
  • Char-Coa (Sripoom Soi 1, Chiang Mai)
    Real expresso, and wonderful breakfast in a wooden garden close to the street.

Other places

  • Ban Phor Liang Meun's Terracotta Arts (36 Phrapokklao Rd.Soi 2 , A. Muang, Chiang Mai Tel. (053)278187).
    Discovering the way Angor Bhat was born from the hand of artists. Dive yourself in their backyard where they age their master piece is a just as crazy as been in an ice cream shop by 35 degres. I would have spend more time if the water pomp did not kick me out. Even the New York Times knows the place, better go there before everyone on the planet knows the address.
  • Ginger & Cafe (ถนนมูลเมือง)
    (199 Moonmuang Road, T. Sriphum, A. Muang, Chiang Mai, 50220Tel: (053) 419014)
    Nice and hype place to shop Jewellery and other Clothes in Chiang Mai.