Saturday, March 17, 2007

Angkor Wat address


  • Angkor Star Hotel
    54 Sivetha St
    Siem Reap
    Telephone: 6826 0737 (for questions about reservations)
    855.63.766.999 (for other questions about the property)

    This hotel is a nice 3 stars hotel with swimming pool downtown Siem Reap.
    You better be downtown rather than beeing a bit far away on the main hotel street (the one between the airport and downtwon) cause at night you only have one street having light and shops. If you want to go out be downtown.
  • The Villa Siem Reap
    Nothing fancy, but super comfy and VERY clean. (Recommended by A-Lin)

    One other option is to go with then lowest price from this website.
    This is how the hotel has been secure by the way.
    The deal was 50% discounted from the official rate on the hotel board !!


  • Meric (Hotel de la Paix)
    This is the best restaurant I went to over the last 4 months. It's a must for US$40 per person (no wine, but with a martini). This is a cheap 5 stars must to do around. (Please try their Mango - Foie Gras appertizer !!!!)
    I won't even mention the place itself, it is just excelent.


  • Hire a cab driver for your day tour !
    The name of my Tuk tuk driver was Bun Loeun. His e-mail address is you can request for him to pick you up at the airport or take you around for the day by contacting him directly or through the hotel. (Recommended by A-Lin)
  • What to do?
    Yan can't do all, better choose to not be too tired or dry out.
    My favorite: Angkor Thom >> Angkor Wat >> Floting Village (at Sunset)