Saturday, February 17, 2007

Phuket address

Phuket is in reality an island, with plenty of things to do.

In Phuket island you have a Phuket town, and according to some source this town must be avoided at all cost. Expensive, no charm and nothing to do were the common qualifiers that I heard about the town. I did not take the chance to verify the veracity of each of the adjective mention above.

What I can recommend instead, is the place to stay. Among the different beaches you have, you better aim to the west coast (the West is not the Best, always?). Kamala, Kata and Karon are the nicest beach around. Pick a hotel and cruise between the swimming pool and the sea.

What you will not miss in Phuket is accomodation.
You don't beleive me, check this list out !

  • Aquamarine Resort & Villa Phuket , Kamala Beach.
    Very nice hotel, high end budget with 3 swimming pools, one swimming bar and numerous places to have a great view overlooking the bay. What is a bit disappointing is the fact that the hotel is a bit remote from Kamala village, at the end of the road. This is nice but every time you want to go somewhere the hotel cab service charge you an arm and a leg to go anywhere. It cost more to go from the hotel to the local town (2 minutes slow taxi drive) than to go from the airport to the hotel (45 minutes ride).
    Don’t even try to bargain, otherwise they walk away, and never come back !
  • Mom Tri s Boathouse, Kata Beach.
    I have been recommended as well this remote place at the end of the island. The pictures seems nice. Must be a very high end hotel ... for those who can afford

  • Pier, Kamala Beach.
    You have plenty of bar and sea food restaurant along the only main street in Kamala. Choose you fish from the massive sea food display table and then walk in, wait a drink or two and then enjoy your sea food battle. Sea food platter for less than 30 € per person.
  • Food court, Putang Beach.
    This is probably what I liked the most in Putong. On the main street, between 3 professional bars and some street vendors, you have massive food courts. They are a bunch of benches on small place close to the street where in the back street cooks try to feed all sort of people: hungry locals, courageous tourists or foreign foreigner. My recipe for success did not change, choose your lobster and your crab, wait a beer or two and battle with your sea food platter delicacy. The visit to the kitchen on the way out was fascinating. The orchestration of the cooking competed with a visit at Harrods during the sales. Sea food platter for less than 20 € per person.