Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Pangkil Island

I auto-proclam myself King of Pangkil.

I am sure that you played this game many times in which you have to choose 10 CD, 10 movies or 10 books to go to a desert island. But have ever thought about what kind of island you are going to? That will probably change your list if you knew better where you are going to spend the rest of your life.

Boat trip to go to the desert island

For me this is the island I want to live in if I have to choose 10 CD, 10 movies and 10 books. Althought I am not sure that 10 CD, 10 movies and 10 books will be sufficient till the rest fo my living life as a King of Pangkil.

But hang on there! I could change the law if I want to. As King of Pangkil, I proclame that 10 is not enought, and you can take as many thing as you want. I also proclame that beach is a national sport, with sea shell pickin at low tide and crab staring at high tide. I proclame that every subject must at least have 43.43 minutes of sun per day no matter the weather. All day breakfast, lunch or dinner. Swimming pool diving contest everyday at 5PM before your daily oil massage. Party-Music at the pool or at the Beach depending on the number of stars you can see. I proclame finally that law should not exist, and your dream desert island should be the way the way you want.

The beach

Let me tell you how I landed in my dream land. We were 30 or so to take off direction Pangkil Island in Indonesia. We took a ferry at 6 PM on Friday afternoon to the main Indonesia island from Singpore. 2 hours later we arrived in thje dark in mainland Indonesia and after a quick custom exercise taxed with a one page visa on passport, we all took a giant bus. I managed to squize in the chief's 4X4 just to finish our discussion on what would be the best was to invest in the area (see later the importance of the discussion). After some talking we reached a peer where 2 long Indonesia boats were waiting for us to cross the bay direction Pangkil. The quick dinner was good enough to propulse us to the daily night drinking contest. Finally We were ventilated in our respective house and mine was just above the main "dining room", but I could only appreciate the view in the morning.

And what I discover in the morning was what you could see below !!!!!

The view from my room

The next days we just wandered around playing volley ball, drinking cocktail, eating sea food, playing cards, joking around, dancing salsa in the sand, watching shooting stars, talking about life and other important topics, taking nap, receiving massage and enjoying time.

An inland house

The size of the island was big enought so that we did not had to see each other all the time and could take a break if we wanted to, but was small enough to be able to walk from one side to the other, the swimming pool to the main Beach and not being tired. We were a group of random people, doing random thing and having a good random time.

The outdoor lounge.
Between the Main Dining room.
Under my Bedroom

I thing that as an desert island everything depend on the people you go with and paradise can easily turns into hell. BUT we were a bunch of good people and we did enjoyed our time to the fulliest. We enjoyed so much that some of us extended our stay for an extra night. I was part of the 8 survivors gang and let me tell you that nothing is better than to wake up in paradise once again when you know that you should be somewere else.

Sunset in Indonesia

I gave back temporary my throne to the one of the local chief in command. On my way back from my island to civilisation I thought about conquering Indonesia island by island, and I came up with the master plan. I need a crew of happy people from time to time.

I am looking for my master plan:
- 1 bonefire manager with experience
- 14 massage ladies with experience
- 2 cooks (no experience needed)
- 1 swimming pool watch guard with some movie experience
- 1 boat taxi driver
- 3 bartenders and 1 DJ (recommendation is a must)

And then we will think about the money later on ...