Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Limá, Perú

My trip started few hours ago, in a Toronto paralysed by a TTC strike. I was a bit scared to miss my flight, like I did 2 weeks ago on my way to Vancouver. But luckily I arrived on time and was abel to make few phone calls before jumping in an almost empty plane that drove me safetly in a froggy Lima, capital of Peru with 1 hour ealier than what have should been annonced (,but wasn´t announced).

I waited for J. to pick me at the airport and he drove me around in all the differents area of Lima the froggy. From "La Punta" the reclused, to "San Isidro" the riche, to the "Pueblo Juoven" the poor, to "Mirales" the awake. I saw beautiful waves and heard spanish around me. Lima is a great place to ... rebound somewhere else, and I am delighted by the story of the different backpackers coming back from their trip to Cuzco THE PLACE. I can´t wait to go there.

I am staying at a great backpacker place call Loki recommended by J. He offered me a wonderfull pork sandwitch, at 6 in the morning. I forgot the name but it was in a great location (San Antonio). But the best part was to eat my first Ceviche at Pescados Capitales (Av. La Mar 1337, Miroflore). This is certainly not the last one, that I a going to have.

Thumb Up

  • Sea Food: See Ceviche above
  • Ocean: Smeel so good, and its great to see big waves finally
  • Cheap: unless I haven´t figure out the rate exchange

Thumb Down

  • Traffic is crazy. You have the 2 second rule. You have 2 second to fly over the traffic otherwise you wait tomorrow to cross the road
  • Polution, it´s just bad, and the fogg is not only a result of the sea
  • Election time: No more alcool till the result on Sunday night. Could I see my first live revolution?

PS: Pictures will be uploaded later, when time will permit