Monday, May 23, 2011

Hanoi Addresses


  • Hanoi Elegance Diamond
    32 Lo Su Street [website] [TripAdvisor]
    Prime location in the Old Quarter, 2 minute walk from Hoan Kiem Lake, boutique in size & style with streamlined service & luxury rooms, elegant decor with modern technology. A plaisant surprise in chaotic Hanoi.

  • Hanoi Backpackers' Hostel
    48 Ngo Huyen, Hanoi [website]
    If you are under 30 and you are looking for a backpacker feel in the Old Quarter, this is the place for you. The original place downtown extended to this 5 story high building with the same feeling of backpacker. Note this is the first time I saw a double bed in dorms ($9/night)

View from Hanoi Elegance Roof Top Bar


  • Quan An Ngon
    18 Phan Boi Chau [map] [TripAdvisor]
    The Giant Food Court upgraded to a bigger and faster food court. Service is still great, fast and direct. Food is Vietnamese, moderate portion and no so cheap anymore. Don't forget to try the Vietnamese pancake, Pho Bo (beef soup), spring-rolls, any BBQ. Closing at 9:30PM sharp, be there on time otherwise you will only eat noddle and left over shrimps. If it was one, that would the one.

  • Green Tangerine
    48 Hang Be [website] [TripAdvisor]
    Imagine a quiet and tuck away nice fusion restaurant where French and Vietnam fuel each other in exquisite delicacies. This delightful restaurant is not for everyone, and must serve well the more delicate pallets.

Pho Bo (Beef Soup)

  • Green Mango
    18 Hang Quad Street [website] [TripAdvisor]
    One Vietnamese dish, but what a dish on the menu of the green Mango. The Vermicelli Soup is a delight and seems lost in this western menu. But hesitate to have it and you will be happy for the day.

  • Koto
    59 Van Mieu [website] [TripAdvisor]
    KOTO (which stands for Know One, Teach One) is an Australian non profit association that helps street kids to find a job in Vietnam in the restaurant business. What a treat to eat well and do a positive thing that change lives. After your visit at the Temple of Literature stop over for a quick bite or long one if you prefer, that will be for a good move. More over it's good Vietnamese food.

Baguette in the street

  • nineteen11
    01 Trang tien Street, next to the Opera House [website] [TripAdvisor]
    Bring your best outfit, best date and best wallet for this luxury dinning experience in Hanoi. The Food is superb, the ambiance fantastic and the service impeccable. No wander why it's in Miele guide ...

Le Pub offers a pitcher of Martini for US$ 3


Shopping is difficult in Hanoi because you have basically everything you can get at a moderately cheap price. Quality will be average and counterfeit high. When you add that usually you need to check any change given back to you for fake or used money ... transactions could be plain painful. Now if you like shopping don't hesitate to look around for the best deal in town, it keeps moving.

  • Kien Boutique
    1B To Tich, Old Quarter
    Famous for hand made embroidery and tailoring. Great silk scarfs and design top. Average price.

  • Vietnam Quilts
    13 Hang Bac, Hoan Kiem District [website]
    This non profit organization helps women selling their craft work for a living. Specialized in hand made quilts, baby products and accessories.

Courtyard of the Green Tangerine Restaurant


There are plenty galleries around the city, a few are famous (Apricot Gallery, Maison des Arts, Green Palm, or Viet Fine Art) and therefore expensive. Many are cheap and not great of quality. Among the many I visited, here are the most interesting for a reason or another.
  • Song Thu Art Gallery (13 Nha Chung)
  • Hanoi's Smile (12 Nha Tho, 8 Nha Chung)
  • Ha Noi Gallery (16 Hang Bac)
  • Goldenart Decor (46 Hangbe)
  • Hoamai Gallery (??)