Sunday, October 03, 2010

Kuala Lumpur addresses

Even though downtown Kuala Lumpur (KL) is small in size, it is quite difficult to move from one district to another. Highways and construction sites prevents tourists from jumping from one spot to the next unfortunately. The best way to discover the city would be to use taxis or the over pass monorail that cross the city from North to South.

  • Hotel Maya
    Off the main road, in front of the tower, Maya Hotel is a brand new modern 20+ levels where you can find design room for your taste. The glass bathroom is as big as the bedroom overlooking the space. Make sure to bring your earplug since you are squeeze between the highway, the Muslim cemetery, Zouk and the main road to the towers.

    Sky Lounge @ Maya Hotel

  • Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur
    Opposite the Towers, across the KLCC park, the Traders host not only the famous SkyBar but also nice restaurants and large room for your stay. Not easy to find but quiet and reclusive. If price is not an issue then Traders will suit you.

  • Nikko Hotel KL
    From outside, the giant chandelier overlooking the entrance is a mark of what bing-bing China could have exported around the world. But for business or leisure Nikko is at an ideal location for any stay in KL.

  • Bijan Restaurant
    If I had to choose one, that would be the one. Not that I try any other restaurant in KL, but this one was nicely placed, decorated and delivered. Malay cuisine at its best with fantastic taste and great presentation. Bill was on the high side but was fine to swallow.

    Bijan Restaurant

  • Jalan Alor (Street Food)
    Less and less food stolls survive the KL's Mall Frenzie nowadays, but the best of the rest are only in on place: Jln Alor. Ask any taxi driver to drop you off at Alor Jln, at night and you will enjoy a great time of pick and choose before you move.

  • Pavilion Kuala Lumpur
    Once enter in the mall, you forget that you are in KL, but wonder if you haven't landed in Dubai or USA. Large space with great inventory shops with plenty of light and seats along the way to make you stay as long as possible to spend your few $. The food court (Food Republic + others restaurants) is a true alternative to street food.

  • KLCC Suria Mall
    Under the Petronas Tower reside a large shopping mall where all brands compete to display their latest inventory. Nice stay over after the visit of the Towers

  • Bukit Bintang Street
    Along the shopping commercial street you will fins all the new and modern mall that you could imagine. Since KL is in constant make-over, don't be surprise to see a 30 yrs old shopping mall next to the latest one.

[[Bar & Dancing]]
  • Sky Bar
    At the Level 33 of the Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur’s international hotel seat a Bar overlooking the KLCC and the Twins Tower. Be sure to come between 8PM and Midnight to enjoy the lights on the Towers and the techno lounge music at the same time. Too bad that the swimming pool could not be converted into a dance floor at night, because it is taking too much of the nice Sky Bar space.

    Sky Bar @ Traders Hotel

  • Zouk
    The sister (or mother I should say) ship in Singapore has an international reputation crossing the ocean. The on in KL has also a fantastic line-up and a splendid location. Saturday night is a fight to get in and a move your body on the dance floor. When on the road to KL do not forget your dancing shoes, that would be a mistake to skip this place.