Wednesday, September 05, 2007


The Maine road to paradise is not an effortless one to ride but an astonishing to enjoy.

The Lucky Star bus from NYC to Boston was not that lucky when I think about it. Our only luck was to have the last 2 seats of the hourly - 11 AM departure, but that was all. We had to share it with a community of friends that had participated in the Caribbean Carnival in Brooklyn. And their expansion plan took from cigarettes smoking in the washroom, physical affectation attacks to Big Lac smell exposure in a confine area.

Then came the second bus ride from Boston to Secret Place close to the Canadian border. The weather change a bit as soon as we move up North, wind started to chill more, tee-shirts had their sleeves growing longer and hat were placed on top of people head. Nothing unusual if you are used to cold winter and chilling lake-ish summer. Then finally came the last car drive to the Secret Place. Roads became smaller and curvier, trees bigger and taller, houses larger and prettier, and people friendlier and happier.

At the end of the road, the Secret Place was in font of us, hidden between trees, on top of a hill and facing the sea crick. The beautiful wooden house was standing still like a sleepy giant in Mother Nature’s hands. Nothing seems to be misplaced, not the sea view, not the full growing front yard, not the nice green back yard, not the old broken train bridge, not the terraces, not the modernity and comfort of the traditional New England house, not the peaceful landscape, not the cute villages near by, not the cheap shopping mall, not the curves road, not the stone beaches, nothing. Everything was there for a reason and had a reason to be there. The magic painting was fully complete.

Then Paradise became Heaven.

I will not forget that Maine Lobsters before becoming red in your plate are actually blue in the ocean. I will not forget that you need 12 minutes to cook a Lobster in hot steam. I will not forget that Lobsters come always with sauce only if you don’t find the taste good enough for you. I will not forget that Lobster can only been enjoyed with your own hands. I will not forget that you can have Lobster sandwiches with the left over if any. I will not forget that you can eat Lobsters in so many different ways.

But most importantly I will not forget that, Good Food so as Good Wine can only be enjoyed when shared in Good Company. Thank you for this Maine lesson in life.