Saturday, July 21, 2007

Pays Basque

If you want to explore the Basque region, I recommend doing it first by car, then by train and finally by boat.

The first stop and starting point is San Sebastian, a stone through away from Bilbao the ugly even with the new museum, much better pace to stay. The cultural capital of the Spanish Basque region is lodged in a half mooned bay, protected by a rock from heavy rain and big waves.

The plaza central, home of one of the oldest hotel in town, give a perfect strategic position to explore the area by foot.

The Cathedral is hidden at the end of the old barrio, where narrow street unrelieved bit by bit the famous work of the ancient artist.

At the end of the promenade, the small street open up suddenly in the wildest city beach in the region, where people sun-bath, volley ball and hand fishing.

Time to lunch is just an excuse to enjoy the national sport in San Sebastian: Tapas. Line up of food in front of you, and just for few euros you eat a lot of sea food, and other thing you never thought about. Piballes is one of my favorites there

Leave you car, take the train.

The one you have an arm away from your camp base is La Rhune Train. This wooden small train, transport you in 35 minutes up to the tallest mountain in the region at 905 meters. Since 1924, the local train transports at 8 km/h thousand tourists per day.

And when we reached the top, here what we saw!

I never had a chance in my entire life to have a clean view from top of the hill, maybe one day, I will be lucky and see the best view the region can offer you around.

Basque houses are still a cliche and the best ones could seen at Anoah.

At night, the nice and small village of Saint-Jean-de-Luz gives you a peaceful evening at the Place Louis the XIV.

Local bands palying while you eat a sea food platter or licking your ice cream, although you want to try the Maccaron, local cake.

The final destination is the queen of the sea coast.

Biarritz and her Casino lands on the beautiful, surfing spot of the region.

Old ladies are dandling in the morning on the promenade, leaving the place empty for the yound kids at night to show their tan to each other.

Life is good under the sun of Biarritz.

Secret beach (Plage des Oursons) is still secret, and deserve a quick look when you reach your way to your ice cream place.

.... but Biarritz will always be Biarritz !

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