Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hong Kong, China?

Hong Kong but not sure it's in China.

View from the Peak

What is impressive when you arrive in HK like people say around (what is KL?), is the fact that you feel being part a different city. First of all it's a city with the sea around, or an island it's up to you. A city with the sea .... plus it's a big city !!!

Downtown Hong Kong

It's a mix between West and East. It seems that it used to be very western before, but the Chinese side is starting to take over, rather than Singapore is doing the opposite. For me it's a spot that one has to stop to if really interested in Asia, and its cultures.

I think it's Mr Yang,
but not too sure

This city rocks for its resturant over looking the bay, bars full of music as trendy as any other bars in NYC or Paris, and its building suspended in the air attached to a nearby hill.

Transformer Building

This city is a rock and disserve more than a small quick weekend stop over.

Ferry trip skyline

It won't be my last weekend there, but rather my next move, if I find a job there, maybe ?

Hong Kong Sunset