Friday, December 22, 2006

Fontaine Blow, "The Revenge"


What I like at examland, it's the landing part of the trip. Customs are always friendly, smily and sometime funny. The airport was full of people ready to party like crazy animals who did not see the light for severals days, and wanted to do it one last time.

The 150+ who came at Villa V. had a good time before flying off to all the parts of the world, one to Karachi, one more to NYC, the other one to Singapore, or somewhere else; to see mother land and eat father food.

After the party what's left is a trashed place, but as well a big empty space in your mind and your heart. Something is missing, the sound or the smell, the smiles or the tireness, the complicity or the tension, the new and the familiar, the speed and the slow.

I missed the place already, or maybe the people I must admit. Something special already happen. There is a strange feeling that what happen is already magic and I still in the middle of my dream and don't want to wake.

Shush .... Talk slowly and quietly to not awake youself, this is a cool feeling and you have a satisfied smile on the corner of your mouth.

Can't wait to do the next party in someone else place somewhere, somehow. But for sure I still have 6 months to make it happen, bigger, stronger, and filled my soul, mind and heart with memories that will keep me happy and put a smile on my face for the rest of the time.

Good-By Villa, be safe and drive people crazy.

Chapter 2 is closed, Chapter 3 is coming in few days, and it is going to be a blast again ! Keep it up

Cristmast at home to keep me warm, and refill batteries.